Direct Drive Rotary Table – An Overview

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table – An Overview

Direct Drive Rotary Table refers to a type of rotary table that is designed for use in the manufacturing, assembly, and other such tasks related to rotary machines. It has numerous advantages over rack and pinion or rack and roll-cable rotary tables and they are mainly: versatility and speed. The primary advantage of direct drive rotaries is flexibility in design, usage, and operation. Direct drives offer a great deal of versatility.

Direct drive rotaries are used in manufacturing, assembly, and other such tasks that require high accuracy and rapid movement. For instance, a single shaft is utilized in this type of machine. In the case of the production line, the rotating machine will move from one position to another without the need for stopping and starting the machinery again. Instead, it only needs to be brought from one place to another. This kind of machine is very fast and capable of moving very quickly. Thus, this type of machine is ideal for manufacturing purposes.

Another advantage of the rotary is its versatility in table design and configuration. A rotary can accommodate both standard and specialty types of tools. These include precision screwdrivers, punches, hammers, drill bits, drills, knives, torches, and others. Also, there are multiple tools on a rotary and they can be easily operated. The rotary also has a very long service life. Thus, it is suitable for heavy duty purposes. Moreover, a rotary is also very useful in the field of assembly.

However, there are some disadvantages of the direct drive rotaries. The main disadvantage is its speed. Its speed is slower than the ones produced by other types of machines. Another disadvantage is that, it is more expensive.

Another type of rotary is the rack-and-pinion or rack-and-roller rotaries. In this kind of machine, a pair of roller bearings are connected to each other and rotate in the same direction. These are mainly used for high accuracy and speed. However, they are much expensive. And, they do not have good flexibility.

On the other hand, a rack-and-roller rotary is more flexible. than the rotaries. Because of its rotary wheels, it can rotate more than four directions at once. and can be moved and operated in different positions. Therefore, it is used for more versatile purposes.

Thus, there is a direct drive rotary which is suitable for certain uses. And the other kind is the less flexible rack-and-roller rotary. It is suitable for other purposes.

So, if you are looking to buy one, you should take into consideration all the factors mentioned above before making your choice. Then you will be able to buy the rotary table that suits your requirements. !