Turning Spindles – A Simple Way to Turn a Wooden Spindle

Turning Spindle Turning, or simply turning between centers is a simple woodturning technique referring to a particular type of wooden piece on a lathe which is being turned on it’s top, or turning center, axis. This can be done with a wooden spindle or a metal turning drum, although the most common is with a turning of a wooden or metal wheeled piece.

The turning process itself is rather simple and can be explained as a process of turning a center of a turn to a point of complete opposite rotation, turning the turning wheel back on itself, then reversing the process all over again. For example, if you are turning a wooden spindle between centers to a point of complete opposite rotation, you would simply turn the turning spindle by applying more pressure on the spindle than the turning wheel allows for, thus forcing it back to its original position between centers. The effect is to turn the piece back to its original rotation.

The same process can be used with a metal turning drum by applying more pressure on the drum than the turning drum allows for. Once more, the resulting rotation is to reverse itself between centers. This is how turning spindles and turning drums are used in woodturning.

Turning spindles have been used in woodturning for hundreds of years. It is said that they were invented in Scotland and have been around ever since. There are many different types of turning spindle available on the market, all of which are very similar. Some of these are the lathes and spindles that use a wooden spindle in the centre of the wheel, others are a combination of the lathes and spindles used to turn a wooden wheel with a metal drum between centers.

Spinning a wooden spindle on a lathe can be done very easily with the use of a wooden turnspindle wrench of various lengths. These are often called spinning wheels. These are sometimes even made out of plastic but are extremely durable. You can also purchase spinners that are made out of metal or wood. These spinners are not as durable as their wooden counterparts, but they are much cheaper.

Turning spindles are also used in lathe turning as an extension of turning lathes. Spinning spindles are often attached to a wheel, which then turns a piece of wood or other object while the spindle spins in a stationary position. This creates a continuous motion between the turning spindle and the object, making it possible for woodworkers to make a variety of complex pieces.