The Government of the Republic of China and the Government of t-he Kingdom of Thailand,Pursuant to the Agreement on Technical and Economic Cooperationbetween the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Gover-nment of the Republic of China of June 25, 1968,Have concluded an arrangement regarding the exchange of expertsas follows:ARTICLE ⅠThe two Governments shall establish a Programme for the Exchangeof Experts aired at sharing of economic development experienceand know-how for the mutual benefits of the two countries.ARTICLE ⅡThe Government of the Kingdom of Thailand shall dispatch to theRepublic of China experts for an agreed period to render techni-cal and advisory services in the field of Highway Planning Deve-lopment and Urban Development and grant a number of fellowshipsto Chinese officials to be trained in Thailand.ARTICLE ⅢThe Government of the Republic of China shall dispatch to Thail-and an Agricultural Development Study Team, composed of expertsin the fields of Agricultural Economics, Irrigation, Farmer’s O-rganization, Vegetable Seeds and Tropical Horticulture, and RiceExtension Service, for an agreed period to study problems relev-ant to future Thai-Chinese agricultural cooperation and grant anumber of fellowships to Thai officials to be trained in the Re-public of China.ARTICLE ⅣThe two Governments shall promote further exchange of experts inaddition to those listed in Articles 2 and 3 above with a viewto encouraging closer technical and economic cooperation betweenthe two countries.ARTICLE ⅤPrior to the dispatch of experts, either Government may send su-rvey teams composed of experts in the fields concerned to the o-ther country to make preliminary studies, based on the requirem-ents of individual Projects.ARTICLE ⅥThe expenses incurred in the Exchange of Experts shall be borneby the two Governments on a reciprocal basis as follows:a) Each Government shall responsible for the salaries and inter- national traveling expenses of its own experts dispatched u- nder this Programme;b) After their arrival, the host country shall provide the foll- owing to the experts during their terms of service: i) Living allowances for experts according to the agreed rate the maximum of which is US$ 16 and US$ 11 per day in and outside the metropolitan area respectively; ii) Local transportation, according to applicable rules and r- egulations in each country; iii) Medical treatment.ARTICLE ⅦThis Arrangement shall come into force on the date of its signa-ture.This Arrangement shall expire or terminate with the Agreement ontechnical and Economic Cooperation with the exception of pendingProjects and Programmes which shall be continued until completi-on.Done at Taipei in duplicate in the English language on the twen-ty-fifth day of June, 1968.For the Government of theRepublic of China (Signed) K.T. Li Minister Ministry of Economic AffairsFor the Government of theKingdom of Thailand: (Signed) Pote Sarasin Minister Ministry of National Development