The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Tel Aviv and TheIsrael Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei (hereinafterreferred to as the Parties);Believing that young people could contribute greatly to thefurther development of bilateral mutual understanding,tolerance, friendship and cooperation;Desiring to expand and strengthen the friendship between youngpeople of the Parties and to promote cooperation in the youthfield;Convinced, that there are common challenges to be faced by theyoung people of the Parties;Have agreed upon the following:Article 1The Parties shall take the appropriate measures in order toenhance their cooperation in the Youth and Young Adults fieldand support the development of direct contacts and friendlyrelations between the Parties on the basis of the principle ofreciprocity through:1. Exchange of Youth and Young Adults.2. Participation in international conferences or seminars on youth matters organized by the Parties.3. Exchange of printed materials, films, CDs and information on youth matters.4. Participation in youth events (festivals, meetings etc.) organized by the Parties, aiming at strengthening the friendship among young people.5. Any other cooperative activities on youth matters that will be agreed by the Parties under the relevant laws and regulations of the Parties.Article 2The Parties agree to exchange on a reciprocal basis:1. Once per year, a 3-member delegation (from each Party) of the Taiwan National Youth Commission and the Israel Youth Exchange Council will get acquainted with the other Party for a period of 7 days. (in each Party in alternating years).2. A 10-member delegation (from each Party) of Youth and Young Adults will visit each other in order to get acquainted with the culture and people.3. A 5-member delegation (from each Party) will participate in youth events organized in both Parties. The exchange of these delegations will depend on the potential youth events organized in each Party and the interest of each Party to participate in them.FINANCIAL CONDITIONSArticle 3The hosting Party will provide the visiting Party full board andlodging; pay the full costs of the programme – includingexpenses for visits and attendance of any cultural sights andevents – and internal transport. The visiting Party will paythe costs of travel to and from the destination of the hostingparty.Article 4Medical insurance will be under the responsibility of eachtraveller.Article 5The Parties hereby designate the following authorities to beresponsible for the implementation of this Memorandum ofUnderstanding(hereinafter referred to as the MOU):- in Taiwan the Taiwan National Youth Commission.- in Israel the Israel Youth Exchange Council.Article 6This MOU shall enter into force on the date of signature, andshall remain effective for a period of three years, unless oneof the Parties gives three months prior notice to the otherParty of its intention to terminate this MOU.DONE IN Tel Aviv ON 23rd December 2010 IN DUPLICATE IN THEENGLISH LANGUAGE.張良任 Simona HalperinFor the Taipei Economic For the Israel Economicand Cultural Office in and Cultural Office inTel Aviv Taipei