PreambleWHEREAS Small and Medium Enterprise Administration (hereinafterreferred to as “SMEA”) fully recognizes and appreciates therole and accountability of Small Enterprise Development Agency(hereinafter referred to as “Seda”) towards achieving theobjectives and functions stipulated in the National SmallBusiness Amendment Act 29 of 2004,WHEREAS Seda fully recognizes and appreciates the role andaccountability of SMEA towards creating an environmentbeneficial to the establishment and growth of small and mediumenterprises responsible according to the Small and MediumEnterprise Development Statute of 1991,SMEA and Seda (hereinafter referred to as “the Parties”) agreeas follows:Article 1Objectives of Cooperation1. SMEA has agreed to make available its technical expertise, resources and training programmes to support Seda in developing South African Small Enterprises. This would be done, but not limited to, assisting Seda’s Learning Academy to develop the skills of Seda practitioners. SMEA has agreed to partner with Seda’s Learning Academy to jointly coordinate the “international Best Practice Exposure Programme: Learning from the Taiwan Experience” course in Taiwan. Seda has agreed to accept the technical support subject to the conditions stipulated hereinafter and also as outlined in Annexure A of this Memorandum of Agreement.2. SMEA (1) shall liaise closely with Seda and the Taipei Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa in support of programmes (2) will designate China Youth Career Development Association Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as “CYCDA”) as the contact window to invoice Seda for the costs incurred in the delivery of programmes substantiated with relevant documentation. Costs will be limited to venues, lunch, refreshments, and facilitation fees in Taiwan. (3) shall provide technical and logistical support in various phases of the programme as stated in Annexure A.3. Seda: (1) shall liaise closely with the Taipei Liaison Office in the Republic of South Africa and SMEA in the design and implementation of programmes, (2) shall be responsible for the cost of the programme for its participants, (3) will ensure that participants comply with Taiwanese rule of law, (4) will be responsible for ensuring that the participants have valid travel documents and visas, (5) will be responsible for ensuring that the participants have complied with medical/health requirements, (6) will ensure that all participants return to South Africa upon completion of the course,7. shall make payment to CYCDA in terms of the Project Budget and Payment Schedule attached hereto as Annexure B.Article 2DurationThis Memorandum of Agreement shall enter into force upon thelater signature and shall remain in force for a period of threeyears and shall be automatically extended for another threeyears, if neither Party gives a written notice six months inadvance to terminate.Article 3Governing LawsThis Memorandum of Agreement shall be governed and interpretedin accordance with the laws of Taiwan.Article 4Vis Major and Casus FortuitusNeither SMEA nor Seda shall be liable in any way for failure toimplement their respective obligations under this Memorandum ofAgreement if the failure is due to causes beyond the reasonablecontrol of the Party.Article 5AmendmentAny amendment to this Memorandum of Agreement agreed upon by theParties shall be done by an exchange of letters between them.Signed in duplicate in the Chinese and English languages. Bothversions are equally authentic. In case of any divergence ofinterpretation, the English version shall prevail.Article 6Definitions and InterpretationThe following terms shall have the meanings assigned to themhereunder and cognate expressions shall have correspondingmeanings, namely- (1) “Act”The National Small Business Act No.102 of 1996 (as amended by the National Small Business Amendment Act No. 26 of 2003 and the National Small Business Amendment Act No. 29 of 2004); (2) “effective date” The date of signature of this agreement by the last party or such other date as may be agreed to by the parties; (3) “MOA” Th e wr i t t e n Memo r a n d um o f Agreement concluded and signed by the Parties (4) “Programme” Refers to the “International Best Practice Exposure Programme; Learning from Taiwan’s Experience” (5) “Parties”smea and seda; (6) “Seda”The Small Enterprise Development Agency, the Department of Trade and Industry’s agency for supporting small business in South Africa, established in December 2004 in accordance with the Act; (7) “South Africa”The Republic of South Africa” (8) “SMMEs” Means Small, Micro and Medium Enterprises;In witness whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized, havesigned this Memorandum of Agreement.SMEASigned at Taipei this Twenty-third Day of October, 2009Duly represented herein by Sun-Quae LAI in his capacity asDirector General being duly authorized thereto_______________________________Signature: Sun-Quae LAIAs witness:Ti FU, Representative, Taipei Liaison Office in theRepublic of South Africa________________________________Signature: Ti FUSedaSigned at Pretoria this 18th Day of November 2009Duly represented herein by Charles Anthony WYETHin his capacity as Chief Operations Officer being dulyauthorized thereto__________________________________Signature: Charles Anthony WYETHAs witness:Petrus MEYER, Representative, Liaison Office of theRepublic of South Africa___________________________________Signature: Petrus MEYER